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Specialists in Methodology, Tools and Techniques

Evaluation:  A review of industry "Best Practices" and an investigation and recommendation of methodology and tools to fit your organization based on these practices. This includes an assessment of the organization's readiness for full life-cycle development.

Methodology:  We will provide full life cycle procedures or we will fine tune your policies and practices to provide a framework for successful implementation.

Development Coordination
Many consulting practices provide tools with the false implication that a tool will manage and coordinate projects for you. A comprehensive, interlocking strategy is needed that integrates all functions and procedures. Our experienced consultants will customize a strategy for your company that describes functions and procedures for Enterprise Architecture, project management, encyclopedia management, configuration management and many other important company and department level functions.

Information Strategy PlanningSenior consultants will work with executives of your company to link information strategies with business goals. Enterprise, Information, Business and Technical architectures will be delivered.

JAD Facilitation
:  Professionals in information gathering techniques and group dynamics will lead workshops to gather business and system requirements. Industry leading tools are used to document group discussions and to produce diagrams that become a common language for the group.

Data Modeling
:  Windsor is well-regarded for data modeling expertise and offers some of the finest data analysts in the industry. Business knowledge and data administration concepts are blended together to deliver functional models that reflect business rules

Project Management
:  Understanding the potential and the limits of a project that uses specialized tools is a specialized skill. We provide this experience. For example, managing a project that uses Microsoft products (Office Professional) is different than using IBM products (Rational). Let one of our experienced managers help you avoid the pitfalls and maximize the opportunity of developing with specialized tools.

:  Along with data modeling, Analysis is a Windsor specialty. With a keen understanding of full life cycle methodologies and a good understanding of the downstream effects of analysis decisions, Windsor consultants are well qualified to lead and guide you through this all important phase.

Transitioning:  This specialized area is oriented toward clients who are stalled in the analysis phase (analysis paralysis) and need an experienced, full life-cycle consultant who can wrap up Analysis and move the project forward into the design and development phases. Of all services in the Windsor portfolio, this service is in the highest demand.

System Design and Development
:  Translating analysis requirements ('the what') into a design solution ('the how') requires a blending of analysis and design experience. As a full life-cycle company, Windsor consultants are well qualified in converting requirements into an optimal design that meets and exceeds user needs.

Technical Design, Construction and Maintenance
:  Our consultants come from diverse technical backgrounds that include designing and building databases and systems. Our consultants rely on this background to arrive at the best solutions to fit your situation.

:  Failure to address this need can destroy your investment in specialized tools. We are skilled in needs assessment and can instruct vendor-prepared classes in many specialized tools, methodologies and Techniques. Managers, executives, developers and end users alike will benefit from Windsor consultants' experience base. 

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